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Kathryn Schleich Feminist Crime Novel Author

Inspiring Women Authors to Find Their Passion and Live It

Kathryn Schleich is an author of crime novels empowering fellow women authors and activists.


Issues Kathryn Stands For & Writes About

Explore what she's written on these issues and her involvement

I think that Hollywood and Catholic Women, by Kathryn Schleich is a very valuable, well-researched resource that should be read by all Catholic women. It would definitely make an excellent choice for women’s reader groups. It is highly enlightening. ”

Paige Lovitt, Reader Views

The portrayal of women is swiftly changing in today's society. "Hollywood and Catholic Women: Virgins,
Whores, Mothers, and Other Images" explores how Catholic women are portrayed in a vast array of...traditionally Catholic films..."Hollywood and Catholic Women" is an intriguing read for followers of both film and Catholicism."

James A. Cox, Editor in Chief, Midwest Book Reviews

Kathryn...reached out to Wilder in late 2013 to help with an annual backpack and school supply drive. Kathryn became a
driving force behind the initiative, which relies on donors and volunteers to collect and fill backpacks for hundreds of children served by Wilder."

Press Release for Kathryn's award of the Sandy Kiernat Community Service Award
Kathryn Schleich Blog

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